Hempstead County Bicentennial Passport Program

On December 15, 1818, Hempstead County was formed as part of Missouri Territory. It was one of the original five counties that later would form Arkansas  and included most of Southwest Arkansas from modern day Union County to Polk County.

The county was named after Edward Hempstead, who was the first representative in the U.S. Congress for Missouri Territory. Since its beginning in 1818, Hempstead County has been an influential part of Arkansas with significant people and events that have occurred in the county’s history. Today the county can boast that is has all of its courthouses still standing since Arkansas became a state in 1836.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the formation of Hempstead County, Arkansas, the Hempstead County Bicentennial Committee is sponsoring this passport  program. This program invites Hempstead County residents and visitors to 20 stamping stations around the county. Directions to each can be found in the passport. Once you have all 20 stamps, you can detach the card at the back and mail it to the address below in exchange for a commemorative coin. Unless the station has visiting hours, the stamp will be located outside the building in a container.

Passports can be picked up at the following locations: Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce, Clinton Birthplace National Historic Site, Rick Evans Grandview Prairie, Historic Washington State Park, Hempstead County Clerk's Office, Farmers Bank and Trust; Bancorpsouth; Diamond State Bank; First National Bank of Tom Bean; Tailgaters Burger                                                                                                                      Company; Hope Visitor Center & Train Depot and Hope Fair Park.

Once you have all 20 stamps you can detach the card at the back and mail it to the following address to receive your commemorative coin.                                            

Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce

101 West Second Street

Hope, AR 71801

Do not despair if you are unable to find the stamping station — you can take a “selfie” photo at the station and attach it to your passport in lieu of a stamp! 

The program will run through December 31, 2018.

You can share photos of your visits to different locations of Hempstead County using #Hempstead200 via Facebook.    Questions email: hempstead200@gmail.com.


Passport Stamping Sites

Township Sites

  • Blevins Public School Superintendent Office (Wallaceburg Township)
  • Ozan Volunteer Fire Department (Ozan Township)
  • McCaskill Community Center (Redland Township)
  • McNab City Park (Bois D'Arc Township)
  • Spring Hill Public School Superintendent Office (Spring Hill Township)
  • Fulton Post Office (Bois D'Arc Township)
  • Guernsey Volunteer Fire Department (Water Creek Township)
  • Patmos Community Park (Bodcaw Township)
  • Columbus Post Office (Saline Township)
  • Bingen Community Center/ Owens Park (Mine Creek Township)
  • De Ann United Methodist Church (Garland Township)
  • Emmet United Methodist Church (Nowland Township)
  • Hope City Visitor Center and Museum (De Roane Township)

Museum Sites

  •  Clinton Birthplace National Historic Site
  • Klipsch Museum of Audio History
  • Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Center

Courthouse Sites

  •  John English County Courthouse (1818-1824)
  • 1836 County Courthouse (1836-1874)
  • 1874 County Courthouse (1874-1939)
  • 1939 County Courthouse (1939-Present)

Hempstead County Bicentennial Travelers!

We congratulate all of those who have visited all 20 stamping sites in the Hempstead County Bicentennial Passport Program!

  • Sandra May, Hope
  • Lillian Anderson, Hope
  • Sawyer Dixon, Hope
  • Julia Bobo, Hope
  • Lydia Bobo, Hope
  • Haskell Morse, Springhill
  • Ricky Clayton, Fulton
  • Jerrelene Clayton, Fulton
  • Jackie Taylor, Blevins
  • Sue Cowart, Prescott
  • Huey Parks, Ashdown
  • Linda Parks, Ashdown
  • Dennis LaGrone, Hope
  • Theresa LaGrone, Hope
  • Bob Lewis, Hope
  • Marilow Lewis, Hope
  • Samuel Raff, Hope
  • Bonnie Raff, Hope
  • Bailey Brown, Hope
  • Reynlee Brown, Hope
  • Junanne Brown, Hope
  • Kaedin Brown, Hope
  • Josh Williams, Washington
  • Jaimie Williams, Washington
  • Naomi Williams, Washington
  • Esther Williams, Washington
  • Nathaniel Williams, Washington
  • Nancy Bailey, Hope
  • Bryan Bailey, Hope
  • Addely Bailey, Hope

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