About Us

The Hempstead County Bicentennial Committee was formed by local citizens of Hempstead County to help promote and coordinate events to celebrate the 200th birthday of Hempstead County. The committee is setup with several subcommittees that focus on different areas to help promote the celebration.

Download a summary of HCBC and its goals here.

If you are interested in getting involved with one of the committees email us at hempstead200@gmail.com.

  • Executive Committee -- oversees the overall functions  and guidance of the Hempstead County Bicentennial Committee and subcomittees. 
  • Township Committee -- representatives from the different 12 townships that make up Hempstead County and discuss promotion of local events in their communities.
  • Finance and Procedures Subcommittee -- oversees expenditures and donations for Hempstead County Bicentennial Committee operations.
  • Arts and Culture Subcommittee -- responsible for promoting the arts and all forms of cultural events withe the Bicentennial celebration.
  • Historical Hempstead Subcommittee - responsible for promoting historical events, exhibits, publications, and other material to promote interest in the rich history of Hempstead County.
  • Promotion and Advertising Subcommittee -- responsible for promoting all events put on during the Bicentennial celebration and news put out by the Bicentennial Committee.
  • Education and Schools Subcommittee -- responsible for engaging all public, private, and homeschool groups in the county in an interest of Bicentennial celebrations and Hempstead County history.
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