Hempstead County Bicentennial Logo

The Hempstead County Bicentennial Logo was created representing the county and its rich history. One of the most famous events it has been known for is being home of the Bowie Knife. In 1831, James Black a blacksmith in Washington, Arkansas, made a knife for James Bowie, which became infamously known as the "Bowie Knife" The original is on display today at HIstoric Arkansas Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas. The knife has been used as an icon to represent the county in the "Hope Star", Hempstead County Logo, and at Historic Washington State Park for the majority of the 20th century. 

The logo is encourage to be used on posters and advertisements of different events that wish to be a part of the bicentennial celebration. If you would like to use it with your event email us at hempstead200@gmail.com.

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